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Protect your grain, livestock and equipment with a pre-engineered steel building from Star, Varco Pruden or EPS.
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North Central Ag was founded in 2011 to meet the unique needs of the agricultural building market. Its parent company, Crafts Incorporated, began in 1970 as Crafts Construction, a general contracting company that has developed extensive experience in commercial and industrial construction projects through its decades of operation.

North Central Ag takes pride in producing high quality work and offering an exceptional range of general contracting services to customers in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri.

Offering both design-build construction and pre-engineered metal building construction, North Central Ag can erect the building that is right for your needs. In design-build construction, North Central Ag can design and construct a building using the materials and structure of your choosing (i.e., wood frame, post frame, etc.). In pre-engineered metal building construction, North Central Ag can design and erect VP (Varco-Pruden), Star, and EPS metal buildings.

Whatever your needs may be, from livestock confinement to grain storage to protection of your equipment from the elements, North Central Ag can supply the expertise to design and erect a cost-effective solution.

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Our Mission

“Using outstanding building materials and the expertise that comes from decades of experience, Crafts, Inc. will create for you the building of your dreams. If you dream it, we can build it.”